Development Finance

Development finance from Maxima provides a short-term funding option so you can proceed with your property goals. Our borrowing options usually last between 6 months and 2 years and are designed to assist you with the purchase and build costs associated with a residential or commercial development.

Our bespoke development finance solutions can also be applied to other areas of business where you need assistance in funding initial outlays so you can hit the ground running with the next step of business growth. We work with businesses of all sizes to get their projects off the ground. Get in touch today to find out how we can support you.

The Journey

Get in touch

Submit an initial enquiry to start the conversation. Tell us about your business, project plans and your financial needs so we can get the ball rolling when it comes to your development finance solution.

Tell us about it

Next, we’ll arrange an opening chat so we can get to know more about your plans and start number crunching. At this stage, we want to find out as much as we can to create a package that works for you.

Complete an application form

Once we’re confident we have a package that suits your business needs, we’ll need you to complete a finance application so we have all of the information to progress with your funding.

Let’s talk some more

This time we’ll meet face-to-face so we can get more information on your project by seeing it in the flesh or hearing all about your future plans. At this stage, we’d love to find out what’s in store for your business.

We’ll do our checks

Now it’s time for us to complete our checks. We’ll go ahead and issue a Head of Terms so we have the principles of your Development Loan documented and we’ll carry out a Red Book Valuation if you’re in property.

Inform our lawyers

Once you’re happy with the terms agreed and the funding prepared, we’ll let our lawyers know so we can get ready to release your development finance in time for your upcoming investment.

Get your finance ready for drawdown

Go ahead and conduct your business with confidence as we work behind the scenes to make sure your finance solution is ready for drawdown on the date we’ve agreed.